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 Category Management Training for Expertise and Accreditation

We provide category management training modules in flexible programs customizable to your specific needs. Our comprenensive online course offering is accredited by the Category Management Association for certification purposes and can be combined with a blended learning program in SKill UP! Services.  This full service program allows companies distribute learning tools that enable individuals and groups to better understand the fundamentals of interpreting data and analytics and develop actionable insights for their customers and products.

This series of accredited category management training courses are ideal for newly hired employees, new in-position Category Analyst or those aspiring to enter into or grow their CPG career.  These courses solidify category knowledge and lay the foundation for success in the category management field by emphasizing industry knowledge, history, and basic data analysis.

Additionally our assessment may be, and often are, used to pinpoint knowledge gaps and identify learning caps customized through combining our individual courses into a personalized learning program.  Feel free to contact us to learn more.

We also offer signature blended learning programs
through Skill UP!™ Services!

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This category management training was developed in response to industry need

Our courses were developed through collaborative effort between manufacturers, retailers, brokers and training organizations to establish and communicate the standards necessary to support the development of a more professional category management community. They were crafted with an broad comprehensive understanding of the needs of the industry at large.  New courses are constantly being offered to meet the new data insight knowledge and skill base needed to meet the demands of being competitive in the new shopper driven path to purchase marketplace.  Contact us to learn more.

We can use our expertise and technology to serve your specific needs!

In our experience, digital learning produces the best results with a full spectrum of learning opportunities that align with company vision and goals.  The training professionals at Learning Evolution want to show you how to leverage technology to both deliver and track with strategies that will be the most beneficial to your learners, team and company.  We can also take this content and custom tailor a program that will fit your industry needs.

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